Draw the future

Building a brand often means building something from nothing. Learning to tell stories helps convey, convince & champion what that ‘nothing’ could be.


It gives us super powers to help others see what we (hope to) see when our brand is successful. Story telling is one of the most important aspects of being a good brand builder and a core brand building skill is taking something fictional and making it non fictional. 

We are going to start with the fiction. We are going to approach your brand as a storyteller might approach writing. Not for a fully fledged book, but an outline that captures how characters (your customers) interact with you. 

We’re going to think about that narrative arc not from your perspective (as the brand). But from a consumers perspective (as someone experiencing your brand). 

We will outline their understanding and engagement. We will outline how they’ll remember your brand. We’ll be clear about how & who they talk about your brand with. We’ll outline the stories they’re going to tell about you. And we’re going to think broadly about what that narrative arc will be and how you control the  structure of it. 

There’s a lot that we can start to make happen as a result of having that story down. One of the most impressive things is to get illustrators to help shape that story and create storyboards that give you tools to guide, answer and explain how the brand will make change. 

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