Remodel the model

If your business can’t be better, stop reading now.


We’ve all been guilty of thinking the business model we see is the only business model that works.

But that’s not true. 

If you feel like your business is achieving the best it can possibly do, stop reading now. For most of us, it’s actually just one of the models that our business could take. The model we see is not the only model that exists. 

Just as a tree bends with the wind, our business can flex to accommodate new and different opportunities.

A business model is built to respond to specific characteristics that are true in the market at a given time. But those characteristics evolve. 

So being intentional and thinking about when to remodel a business model matters. Making sure that behavior forms your DNA will ensure you keep thinking: what could the business be if you were to rethink the business model?

One of the most important aspects of thinking about remodeling a business is to not think about market conditions as they exist today. But about what you think is happening in the world that might have an impact in the future. 

So remodeling the model takes some future gazing. Which is where we’ll start. 

We will take the time to capture hopes & dreams about what people will say about your business. We’ll then take that and focus on the changes you need to make, and the relative effort (and impact) of those changes.

Cheekily we’ll take a moment to think if there are lessons from other companies that are worth borrowing. T

We’ll use that to sketch out a wall of ideas that need to align to ensure the business model stacks-up. 

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